Monday, 26 June 2017


This post is to launch an additional family history blog site The Atkinson Family Sheffield to Canada

In 2012,  I took a course in setting up a blog site from the Ontario Genealogy Society. The teacher insisted that if we created a blog site to share our family history, cousins from far and wide would find us online and likely contact us.

I was skeptical but I was interested in learning more about the internet and blogging in general so I took the course. Happily she was right.

I started blogging here about my mother’s family shortly thereafter and I am so pleased that a couple of young distant cousins contacted me. That led me to getting to know their parents and grandparents who are my first or second cousins. It even prompted two vacation trips to meet cousins in British Columbia and England.

I have been writing about my mother’s mother Elizabeth Blaney and her family in a more or less chronological manner and I have now reached the point in the timeline where my mother Joan Welch met my father William Atkinson. It seems a good idea to begin a separate blog site to tell the stories of my father’s family.

I learned how to link the two blogs together so I can refer readers back and forth as needed to continue the stories of both families.

As always any additional information or feedback regarding errors and omissions are always welcome.

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