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Unlike a jigsaw puzzle, a family history is never done. There is always the likelihood that new information will come along, from public records being released, contact with lost cousins, etc.

It is my hope that anyone reading this blog will share with me any corrections, additional information, memories or photos they may have. 


  1. I have finally read your first blog. Sorry it took so long.

    It seems like a good start. I did not try searching your key words to see if Google would take me here.

    Good luck in your quest for family connections and new pieces of your puzzle. I hope it brings you new information.

  2. this is fascinating as it about my mum's family, my mum is John Blaney's younger sister June, I remember my granddad Ted Blaney, he always told me stories but none that I can remember and because we lived in Lancashire we only saw the Blaney family sporadically so were never really immersed in the family stories, so reading this blog is really eye opening. Thank you for sharing. Julie Wall