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Photo Correction:

With many thanks to a member of the Cheffins family I am able to correct a photo that I included in my post "On to Ontario", posted August 2015.

Sylvia Dyer had read the post and realized that the photo shown was not Bess's cousin Abbe Cheffins and his family. She sent me one of her family photos that helped me identify them correctly.

On reviewing Bess's photo album I was able to find the attached photo which Sylvia confirmed is Abbe (Albert Robert), Bunnie (Mona Beatrice Denovan) Cheffins and their son Ronald.

Unfortunately I have not been able to correctly identify the photo I used but hopefully in time I will.

Corrections and or additional family history information are always welcome and one of the purposes of creating this blog. Thanks again Sylvia.


I recently found a transcription of a letter my grandmother wrote to her niece Margaret Everett, a daughter of her brother Ted Blaney in England. She was aged 91 at the time and in it she describes in detail, her move from Montreal to Toronto. My mother Joan, confirmed the story a few years ago. 

Happily Margaret's son Jon sent it on to me and I can include her words here.

“Then I got a day job with a well to do family who came from England same time as we did & she could understand what we were up against here.

Anyway after a short time she told me she had wished she could go back to England but he would not go. She said her brother was in Toronto with his wife & family and they would pay our way if I would work for them in Toronto. She too was very good to work for.

So we went in a covered lorry. Harry sat with the driver and the chicks and I sat across the back on a couch and it poured cold rain. We had the water curtain across us. We tried to sing but it was too much.

[daughter] Joan was here for 2 weeks one time & she said Mom, ‘remember we sat in back of the lorry and sang in the wind & the rain.’ My, I was surprised she had remembered it so plainly, she has always been a marvellous girl & a little mother to them [Lewis & Eileen] while I worked.”

Perhaps this explains the fact I could not find the family in 1927 but I found them in Montreal in 1926, then in Brantford in 1928.

I think things may not have worked out in Toronto at first and so they went to Brantford where they knew the Cheffins cousins. The 1929 city directory shows them in Toronto at 14 Delany Crescent, Parkdale. They remained in Toronto until 1945.

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